But this increase in consumption through the web has led to a shift in the infrastructure many businesses build on. We’re at the front of this shift. We’ve put ourselves there deliberately.

Why? Because we’ve seen firsthand how much value it can add to day-to-day operations and long term customer relationships.

We want to show you how we’re helping customers support this shift – and how you can get the most out of your telephone systems, wherever your IT is based: in the cloud or on-premise.

Adoption & Adaptation

As the adoption of cloud based services continues to increase, so too does the opportunity to connect different systems to telephony platforms. But given the fact many solutions are still based on-prem, we’re seeing more and more hybrid systems in play.

Hybrid setups like this are ideal for large organisations who need to steadily go through the process of cloud migration. They usually have such a huge amount of interconnected data, which can’t be transitioned en-masse – and often still have more traditional hardware solutions. We continue to help customers migrate; helping them get the best of both worlds.

Staying Secure

In all of our hybrid solutions we look to work with existing on-premise data; orchestrating calls and feeding data into the right platform. Depending on the configuration, the data is not copied to the cloud, and no sensitive personal information is used or stored.

For companies that have strict security measures in place this really helps them in supporting their goals. We also look to integrate quickly, easily, and with minimal footprint to allow them to get the most out of all of their systems as soon as possible.

Finally, to help facilitate the adoption of hybrid setups, we offer a web-based interface for our software. When a thick client isn’t needed – either because of the depth of an organisation’s use or due to the specific needs of a user – a thin client, requiring minimal set up – is available to all our customers. We can turn this kind of web solution within an hour – which means almost no business interruption for our customers.

Not everyone can migrate to the cloud immediately. But that should never stop users from having best-in-class telephony tools at their disposal.

Ultimately, our tech is designed to support businesses regardless of what stage they’re at or how far along (or not) they are in moving to the cloud.