Welcome to the first of a new blog series!

At PeterConnects, our focus is on creating better value for our partners and end users. We aim to keep everyone updated on a wide range of developments: not just our products and services, but also industry research, innovations, and relevant software-focused news.

Here’s a little more about us and what we’re working on right now.

Our Story So Far
PeterConnects began as a telecommunications-focused business, but in recent years we’ve evolved to keep pace with the shift towards an omnichannel environment. As a result our business – and what we’re now able to offer – has grown considerably.

Our business model means that we work predominantly with partners – whose clients may not even be aware that the product or platform they’re using was built and deployed by PeterConnects.

While that’s absolutely fine, as demand for more robust telco and tech platforms increases, we’re starting to work more closely with our customers directly too.

What’s Next?
Our aim is give everyone we work with the tools to improve their technology stacks. And in the near future, we plan to enhance the way we do that – which includes the highlighting key topics through the content we deliver in this blog.

Moving forward we’ll be discussing a range of topics, including:

  • The shift from telephony to omnichannel communications (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, video chat)
  • The evolution of cloud-only applications
  • The growth of automated communication as AI and chatbots become commonplace
  • The Internet of Things
  • The role of Big Data
  • The shift in software license sales to SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms
  • We’ll also be announcing a series of events this coming autumn; connecting with partners across our six major markets in person. We will also organise two end user events. Details are coming soon, so watch this space!

Ultimately, as our tagline says, PeterConnects is all about ‘enabling meaningful connections’. We mean this in every sense of the term.