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The PeterConnects EmergencyAssistant is designed to support how organisations handle internal and external emergency calls such as 911 and 4444.

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Keep employees safe

Provides organisations with the ability to response quickly and efficiently to all emergencies and ensure employees are safe at all times.

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Caller’s location

The individual caller’s location is determined fast and efficiently using their IP address.

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Directs emergency services

Fast response with emergency services is ensured as they are directed to where the call is coming from so no time is lost getting to the right location.

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Replace caller’s number with main location

Often in emergency situations, the caller may not be unable to use the telephone, so the caller’s direct dial number is replaced by the main number for the location of where the employee is located to ensure fast deployment with emergency assistance personnel to the employee’s location.

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Engage emergency on duty staff

The call is transferred directly to the designated emergency assistance staff member on duty for the location in question either to their landline or mobile telephone number.

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Ideal for multi-site environments where employees are spread over different locations.

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Below you will find some additional tools to help you understand the features and benefits of EmergencyAssistant.

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