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PeterConnects VoiceMail is the perfect tool for recording and playing back voicemail messages to ensure callers are greeted professionally and that all calls are captured and can be returned at the receiver’s earliest conveniences.

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Redirect calls automatically

Even if a telephone is not set to forward calls to voicemail, callers can be redirected to voicemail when the telephone is busy or if the call is not answered.

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History of messages

Via a web browser all voicemail messages in the mailbox can be viewed and played back, this is particularly handy when employees are away for longer periods of time without access to their telephone.

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Receive alerts for new messages

With newly recorded voicemail messages, the receiver of the message can be alerted via email, SMS or their IP telephone that they have new voicemail messages. Voice messages can be heard back from the email inbox via the mobile telephone or the IP telephone.

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Caller’s details

The method for reporting new messages can be set separately for the individual voicemail announcements. Emails can contain specific pieces of information such as the caller's telephone number, name and the time of the call.

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Choose how messages are reported

For each announcement, users can choose how new messages are reported either via email, SMS texting or a lamp on a IP telephone.

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More information on VoiceMail

Below you will find some additional tools to help you understand the features and benefits of VoiceMail.

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