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PeterConnects VoiceRecording allows organisations to ensure high quality customer service levels and employee safety with the ability to record live calls.

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Incoming and outgoing calls

This tool allows for recording and storing of all calls for a specific IP telephone, this applies to both incoming and outgoing calls.

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Archiving and retrieval

There is also the added ability to mark certain calls for archiving purposes. It is possible to retrieve recordings based on date and time of a call and/or caller’s or receiver’s telephone number.

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Recorded in stereo for clear playback

The calls are recorded in stereo with the caller on one channel and the answering party on the other channel. This makes it possible at playback to clearly distinguish what each party has said.

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Stored as WAV files

The recordings are stored as WAV files in a directory specified by the administrator and can be played back using any standard Media Player or there is the ability to hear recorded calls from that IP telephone.

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Below you will find some additional tools to help you understand the features and benefits of VoiceRecording.

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