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The 5 Biggest Challenges That Receptionists Face

Like many of us, those working front-of-house – as receptionists, call handlers, and in administrative positions – continue to face a number of challenges as the world of work remains in a state of flux. Let’s look at some of the most common problems they face and consider some ways to make things a little easier.

4 Clicks To Getting Started With Receptionist for Webex Calling

Getting started with Receptionist couldn’t be simpler.

Migrating Comms From On-Prem To The Cloud: The Easy Way

There is no question that software has moved away from its traditional licencing model and into the cloud where SaaS dominates. Through modular development and monthly subscriptions, business users have access to more customizable and on-demand software options than ever before.

Setting The Tone For A Positive Outcome: Connecting Data to Telephony

Being able to offer your customers a consistent and personalised experience is one of the best ways to build strong relationships with them. When an operator can immediately jump into a conversation and understand exactly what a customer is talking about, they know they are valued.

NowComm Discovers The Power Of The New Receptionist Console

PeterConnects recently released the new cloud-based WebEx Calling Receptionist solution and is happy to announce that Cisco Gold partner, NowComm, was the first to order – and sell the new solution.

Attendant X At Bath Spa University: First User Up And Running In Four Days

“Attendant X is more flexible and easier to manage than any systems we’ve used before. As it’s cloud-based, it’s a lot more cost effective as there are no servers to manage, and there’s no software patching needed either.” Robin Honeyman, IT Manager, Bath Spa University

PeterConnects and RoutIT: Working Together Towards A Seamless User Experience

“With PeterConnects Receptionist, we've made the right choice in creating a product for SMEs who want the latest technology, an intuitive UX, and no complications.” Gerjan Dekker, Product Manager, RoutIT

Moving To The Cloud

As more and more companies transition to remote working – including contact centres and both sales- and support-driven organisations – in addition to the accessibility needed to give everyone the tools they need, there’s a growing need for flexibility, scalability, and security.

How Different Roles Will Change

As the world slowly crawls out of lockdown, we’re already beginning to see companies reconfigure how they operate – in the office and remotely. While many employees will pick up where they left off, others will witness their roles change. But which will be most affected? How will different roles change on a day-to-day basis? Let’s give this a little consideration.

PeterConnects Widgets Library

A receptionist’s main responsibility is handling calls – on a day-to-day basis. Calls come in, are either answered, queued, or transferred. Simple right? Not in a large organisation where sales reps and field service teams are out; when everyone’s working in different locations; or when it’s hard to track others’ movements, meetings, and availability. But technology – specifically Unified Communications – is changing all that.

Introducing New MS Teams and Webex Integrations

At PeterConnects we are very excited to show you a new suite of solutions that have been in development for some time.

Making Each Interaction Count: How Everyone Is Becoming Customer Facing

Customer experience (CX) is everyone’s business. Those on the frontline of customer services – such as those working in a call centre environment or account managers focused on client delivery – are used to handling direct interactions.

The Future of Customer Contact

The way we work is changing: quite rapidly in fact. It used to be that for many employees remote working was a ‘nice to have’ – a luxury. However, in recent weeks it has become a necessity; not just for office staff, but for customer service professionals too. We’ve seen that it can work well, but can we expect this to continue?

Context & Communication

If content is ‘king’, then context is certainly ‘queen’. This isn’t just true in marketing – it applies to all forms of communication. Yes, the topic – the ‘what’ – being discussed is critical; but the way in which it’s being discussed needs to be tailored to the given situation, format, or channel.

Using AI in Customer Communications

The rise of Artificial Intelligence – or AI, as it’s more commonly known – isn’t specific to some dystopian future: it’s happening right now. And it’s not as sinister as sci-fi would have us believe.

Managing Multichannel Communications Environments

Modern contact centres have moved way beyond telephone-only support. They now operate in a true multichannel environment, where employees often answer numerous queries across platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Web Chat – and of course via telephone – in a single shift.

Why Migration To The Cloud Is Essential For All Businesses

Businesses that want enhanced scalability, security, capacity, and productivity need to seriously consider migrating their IT operations to the cloud – sooner rather than later. So why are companies – both large and small – still hesitant to do so? Let’s take a closer look at these concerns and consider just what cloud technology offers.

Marc Derksen, CTO PeterConnects: "Communication platforms for teams, in whatever form, are the future."

Ringing In The Changes

Welcome to the first of a new blog series! At PeterConnects, our focus is on creating better value for our partners and end users. We aim to keep everyone updated on a wide range of developments: not just our products and services, but also industry research, innovations, and relevant software-focused news. Here’s a little more about us and what we’re working on right now.

What to know about AI and Chatbots?

Chatbots have been in existence for quite some time already, but they are now really making inroads. Since major platforms such as Facebook, Skype and Slack have admitted bots into their systems, the use of chatbots becomes more accepted and accessible. More and more companies are using them for customer service. Gartner has even predicted that, by 2020, 85% of contact between companies and customers will take place without the intervention of a human being. By using chatbots, companies become accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The response time of a chatbot is also minimal. Chatbots are also making inroads in the Netherlands: the most well-known Dutch chatbots are KLM's bot, which gives customers information about their flights, and Jinek, which informs users about the news.