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PeterConnects Receptionist for Broadsoft

In the first quarter of 2019, we will launch a new product; the new PeterConnects Receptionist for Broadsoft. This Attendant is a powerful solution for managing and processing multiple incoming phone calls. As a Software-as-a-Service application, the PeterConnects Receptionist will be operated via the web browser. This will improve processes such as answering and forwarding incoming calls in ease, speed and efficiency.

How it works

The PeterConnects Receptionist for Broadsoft has a user friendly, modern web interface. This will make it easier to perform operations such as answering, putting on hold, forwarding and setting up conference calls. The screen will show extra information on the call, so the operator can easily find everything they need to know. They can also use keyboard shortcuts and quickly send a call-back message to a colleague. The Receptionist will be available in multiple languages.

Organisations of all sizes

This solution is suitable for any organisation working with VOIP telephony on the Broadworks platform, regardless of size. It is ideal for small offices with one operator or phone number, as well as for larger organisations with multiple operators and phone numbers.


The PeterConnects Attendant for Broadsoft will be available in three different versions. This product is a one-to-one replacement of the Broadsoft Receptionist  / HIP Receptionist.


This product becomes available on the BroadWorks platform. It can be distributed by Service Providers that offer BroadWorks VOIP services.

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