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Enabling context

PeterConnects ContextManager brings communication and context together to provide a richer understanding of the reachability of people. An extremely useful tool that runs on a PC but monitors telephone activity and alerts individuals or team members to incoming calls so no call is ever missed.

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Notifications for incoming telephone calls

As soon as a call comes in, a pop up appears at the bottom of the screen with information on the incoming call including telephone number, caller’s name and the company name. This function makes use of the PeterConnects caller recognition table which can be automatically kept up to date with a company’s data by accessing the corporate directory.

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Integration with customer data

Providing rich data to the receiver of a call not only fast tracks the conversation but allows for a more personalised experience. ContextManager can plug into an organisation’s backend systems such as CRM and ERP databases to retrieve information on the caller and their last interactions with individuals or company.

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By clicking on any telephone number; internal, external or mobile within ContextManager a call is automatically set up from the IP telephone, bringing together technology for a better user experience.

Numbers from a website can be copied into a clipboard and just by clicking on the number a call will be set up.

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Telephone functions

In addition to displaying the telephone reachability statuses of an individual, ContextManager also facilities commonly used telephone functions such as making calls, transferring, hanging up and call pickup by clicking on a button right from within the application.

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Displaying missed calls

Knowing what telephone calls have been missed is equally as important as those that were answered. A list of missed calls can be displayed in the “Missed Calls” windows or be sent to an email inbox allowing the user to return the call at their earliest convenience.

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Team environments

When a user belongs to a PeterConnects ManagerAssistant or ServiceDesk group, the telephone reachability of other members from those groups can be seen in ContextManager providing a holistic view of all the teams that user belongs to and the individuals reachability status.

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Create groups

Users can set up additional groups so they can effectively engage and support each other and other parts of the business.

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Sending messages

Emails and text messages to IP telephones can be sent from the ContextManager ensuring messages reach the intended caller even when they are not at a PC.

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Detailed information about users

Keeping individuals and teams up to date on the reachability of others is critical. Each ContextManager user can set up current information about themselves that is visible to other members of the group or team. Information such as when they are on holidays or working part time is easily set up with an expiration date if required.

The individual user information is visible to all group members even at the PeterConnects Attendant operator’s station, to the ServiceDesk team and in the corporate directory which can be viewed by everyone using a web browser.

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Reachability monitoring

ContextManager has been designed so it can support individuals, teams and organisations of all sizes so understanding when people are reachable is readily available to everyone.

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Used in combination with PeterConnects ManagerAssistant and ServiceDesk

When ContextManager is used in combination with ManagerAssistant and ServiceDesk the members of a group to which the user belongs are automatically displayed and handy telephone functionality such as making a call, transferring, call pickup and call forwarding is enabled across the members at an individual and team level.

Detailed information is displayed so all team members are across the incoming calls including callers in queues. Team members can even change the status of other team members remotely.

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PeterConnects ContextManager is sold separately and supplied free of charge with ManagerAssistant and ServiceDesk.

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Available languages

Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

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