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Managing reachability

PeterConnects ManagerAssistant gives organisations and teams the ability to manage their 24 by 7 reachability. Designed to ensure all calls are handled efficiently while giving managers and teams the flexibility to set a selective reachability status.

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A team tool

ManagerAssistant is intended for groups of people who handle each other’s calls and by assigning roles and rules, incoming calls will be automatically forward to the right group member or the assistant.

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Reachability status

Understanding who is available and who is busy in a team of people that manage each other’s calls is important in ensuring all calls are handled. ManagerAssistant provides individual reachability status and allows other group members to pick up and redirect calls for members whose status is set to unavailable.

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Display on IP telephones

Various statuses are clearly shown on IP telephones including the status of other group members, the number of logged on members and the number of busy members.

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Email and telephone messages

Email and telephone messages can be sent to managers or team members who status is set to busy or unavailable so important calls or callers can be flagged as having tried to reach them without success.

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VIP callers

Set up groups or individuals with a VIP status so they will always be able to reach a manager or team member regardless of the situation. This could include managers, colleagues, important customers, suppliers or even family members.

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Managing absentee employees

Ensuring there is adequate staff available to cover when employees are away for holidays or on sick leave is easy with ManagerAssistant. Calls can be automatically forwarded to several replacements for the absence employee such as first available, longest available or by a fixed sequence.

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Controlling reachability

Users can set their own reachability status and assign replacements while absent, during busy periods or when just unavailable for a specific period. This allows team meetings or events to take place while calls are still being handled in the background.

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Defining roles and rules

ManagerAssistant allows groups members to be defined so they can handle each other's calls. All members can be assigned a role such as manager or assistant and by setting up rules a team can be empowered to support other managers when their assistant is not available. A record of who handled which calls is available for all team members to see.

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Reporting missed calls

A report of calls missed on IP telephones is available to view at an individual level or for calls handed as a replacement. This report can also be sent to individual’s email address.

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Using the PC to monitor availability

With PeterConnects ContextManager users can use the PC to monitor the telephone availability of groups of employees. A single click allows access to various useful functions such as making a call, transferring a call, call pickup, changing the presence status of colleagues and even sending messages to telephones (Cisco only).

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Management via Intranet

Several reachability and replacements settings can also be set up over an Intranet such as deleting and adding replacements, changing the IP telephone status, adding and editing caller’s status.

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Working with PeterConnects Attendant

A user defined setting determines whether the Attendant operator can override the ManagerAssistant status. Attendants can see the status of the ManagerAssistant users in the corporate directory and support calls from the front desk or call center if need be.

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Group monitoring on Cisco IP telephones

On IP Cisco telephones, alongside the ManagerAssistant status you can show the status from Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Skype for Business at an individual level for up to 12 people. Additionally, the status of a manager can be changed by the assistant, making life for assistants who manage busy managers much easier.

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Integration with Cisco Jabber

ManagerAssistant can be used in combination with Cisco Jabber using the ContextManager application docked to the Jabber client.

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Working with Polycom telephones

Showing and changing the ManagerAssistant status of colleagues on Polycom VVX500/600 telephones is simple for all team members to do. Team members can see the calling status as well as call forwarding set up for colleagues.

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Available languages

Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

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