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Unifying contacts

PeterConnects OmniDirectory allows organisations of all sizes to create a compressive yet easy to use corporate directory that can include employees, customers and partners giving the organisation one view of the world it needs to connect with.

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Caller recognition

The ability to recognise a caller is key for relationship building and with PeterConnects OmniDirectory’s holistic caller identification technology this is made possible with all members of the corporate telephone directory including external parties such as customers and partners.

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Always up to date

Ensuring data is up to date and complete is a fast and reliable process with PeterConnects OmniDirectory. The directory can be automatically synchronised with all sources on a regular basis even as short as intervals of five minutes.

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Multiple data sources

The actual directory can be composed from up to 30 sources and all common interfaces such as LDAP, ODBC, SQL, Exchange Soap and AXL/SOAP (CUCM) are supported.

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Web browser interface

The OmniDirectory is presented to the employees via a web browser which can be integrated into the organisation’s intranet so everyone has access to the same information.

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The browser interface can be customised to the organisation’s needs including the ability to personalise the look with the company logo. Customisation continues with the user interface where all style elements can be changed.

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Wide range of search option

Finding people fast is a top criteria to providing quality service, PeterConnects OmniDirectory gives a wide range of search options including mobile telephone numbers while at the same time allowing customisation of the search criteria to fast-track operators even more so and support the way they like to work.

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Employee availability

Understanding an employee’s availability is essential to enabling a fast and efficient transfer of calls. With PeterConnects OmniDirectory not only is the status of the actual telephone visible but so is the employee’s presence status as it appears for Microsoft’s Lync/Skype for Business or Cisco’s Jabber.

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Fast and efficient, designed for Cisco and Microsoft means click-to-dial functionality allows calls to be set up automatically with one or two clicks saving time and allowing distribution of more calls through a single operator.

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Cisco IP Phones

When used in conjunction with Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager even the location and office numbers of the employees can be displayed along with free flex working stations. OmniDirectory can also be shown and used as a source for caller recognition on Cisco IP telepones.

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Available languages

Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

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More information on OmniDirectory

Below you will find some additional tools to help you understand the features and benefits of OmniDirectory.

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