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PeterConnects Provisioning

Simplify & Scale your Cisco collaboration process

Do you want to decrease the time your users spend managing their Unified Communications (UC) infrastructure by 85%? PeterConnects Provisioning will transform the way you manage your organisation’s productivity and help drive down the cost of IT admin! In less than a minute, users can be completely up and running – with their devices, lines, Jabber, mobility, voicemail, and even an agent profile in the contact centre!

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Designed for All – Web-based Application

Provisioning is a web-based application, that dramatically reduces the complexity and time taken to deploy Cisco IP phones – together with the full range of collaboration services.

Suitable for any company, Provisioning is a user-friendly, intuitive tool that’s designed for everyone – with or without UC knowledge – and is scalable from 50 to more than 30.000 users.

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Increase productivity

As new people are added to the organization or when changes are needed, it’s essential that users become productive as quickly as possible. PeterConnects Provisioning ensures that the employees are operational in a fraction of the usual time – reducing deployment from hours to just minutes per user.

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Global Features (User Profiles – Templates – Multi-tenant)

PeterConnects Provisioning gives the organizations the opportunity to build their own interface by defining fields, actions, and features – and allows them to create multiple profiles: from helpdesk operators to UC administrators.

Mistakes during the creation process can be avoided by presetting all the devices in locked templates. Device and user management is easy to set up.

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Telephony Features

PetterConnects Provisioning has a huge variety of telephony features, helping make customers’ jobs easier by allowing them to use the tools that best fit their needs.

Directory numbers can be allocated in many ways including via automatic free DN association, while the quick search function allows users to easily find the numbers they need.

Users can also deploy a large number of devices in seconds with the system – which doesn’t require any phone mac addresses – and can mass edit devices or users in a single click. Group calls are now easier than ever, as users can quickly assign several lines to Pickup groups and add or remove users from Line groups. PeterConnects Provisioning also has easy voicemail admin for those who can’t answer right away.

Users can also list all of their Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) devices depending on their state.

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Personalized Environment

The selfcare module enables users to customise their personal telephony environment. The user can reset passwords, activate their SNR, manage schedules; and has the freedom to change phone buttons, manage the Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and speed dial. Click-to-Call, Phone Forwarding and Speed Dial are also available with PeterConnects Provisioning.

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PC, Mobile & Tablet

PeterConnects Provisioning can be used on PCs, mobiles, and tablets.

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Suitable for any industry, enterprise, or public sector user.

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Available on Cisco.

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Available languages

Available in English, French, & German.

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