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PeterConnects Receptionist

Improving call handling

PeterConnects Receptionist is a software-as-a-Service application that is operated via the web browser to make answering and forwarding calls easier, faster and more efficient. Managing and processing multiple incoming phone calls has never been easier. Receptionist is currently available for Webex Calling and BroadWorks, but will soon debut on Microsoft Teams.

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A user-friendly, intuitive, modern interface

The User Interface has an improved user experience. It is modern, intuitive, touch friendly, has a customizable size and layout, has support for colour schemes and keyboard support. It also has an improved conversation area and Omnidirectory.

A stable web browser-based application hosted in the cloud

The new PeterConnects Receptionis is a Software-as-a-Service application that is operated via the web browser.

Fast, professional answering and processing of multiple incoming calls

PeterConnects Receptionist is a stable web browser-based application which makes answering and forwarding incoming calls easier, faster and more efficiënt.

Easy to use

PeterConnects receptionist is created to improve the user-experience. From distributing and handling calls and the fully customizable lay-out to the different support services such as keyboard support and support for photos/avatars, everything combined makes the PeterConnects receptionist very easy to use.

Displaying additional information about the telephone calls

With the PeterConnects Receptionist additional information can be displayed such as the incoming call details, details about current calls and also information about the waiting or on hold calls.

Quickly sending callback notes to colleagues

With the PeterConnects Receptionist it is possible to send callback reminders byemail. It is also possible to add, edit and delete contact notes

Three different versions

PeterConnects Receptionist is available in three different versions, the PeterConnects Receptionist Essentials, the PeterConnects Receptionist Advanced and the PeterConnects Receptionist Premium.

Suitable for any organisation, small or large

This solution is suitable for every organisation. This makes it ideal for small offices with a single telephone number or a single user, but also for larger organisations with multiple users and telephone numbers.

Available languages

Dutch, English, German and French.

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More information on Receptionist

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