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PeterConnects ServiceDesk is an economical solution for organisations who want to provide a function such as a help desk or service desk for their employees, customers or partners. PeterConnects ServiceDesk offers rich functionality at a very attractive price while been easy to use.

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Call distribution

Distribute incoming calls quickly and efficiently based on the number of the caller, the called number or based on a specific cycle such as first available agent, longest idle agent or cyclic.

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Handling calls outside of business hours

Out of business hours, record a message to alert callers to the service hours and forward the call to either voicemail or an alternative internal or external telephone number, this ensures no calls are ever missed.

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IVR selection

Greet callers with a welcome message and an IVR selection menu to fast track them to the most appropriate department that can assist them. If all agents are busy, a queue announcement advises callers of their position in the queue and as soon as an agent is free, the call is forwarded to the first available agent.

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Simple to use

Call agents are busy people so providing them with a solution that is easy to use is key to ensure more calls are answered quickly and efficiently. Easy to remember and fast to complete, PeterConnects ServiceDesk offers call agents features like the ability to log on and off with a single press of a button.

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Detailed information

Giving agents time to properly document a conversation is key to gathering customer data and providing quality ongoing service. The “user defined wrap-up time” feature ensures agents won’t get another call until they have properly documented the outcome of the current call. If agents finish the wrap-up early, they can make themselves available again with a press of the button.

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Queue visibility

PeterConnects ServiceDesk allows for collection of statistics for all incoming calls providing a rich view of the performance of the team and individual agents. Information can be displayed on a wall monitor so agents can see information such as the number of calls in the queue, waiting time and length of calls. Management can use this same data to improve the performance of their service or help desk and ultimately, their customer service.

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Reachability of individuals and a team

Understanding the reachability of team members allows for the efficient handling of calls and proper management of the workload of a team. Individuals can set their own reachability status and understand who is available within their team. This allows for the proper planning of breaks when sufficient agents are available to manage the call volume and to ensure the maximum coverage of agents at peak periods.

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Rich customer data

An informed call agent provides better customer service. Empower call agents with customer data straight from the company’s existing CRM systems. Populate the ServiceDesk customer data card with rich information about the customer and a history of their interactions with your organisation.

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Real time reporting

Provide managers with data that will help them ensure quality customer service. PeterConnects ServiceDesk real time reporting provides a clear overview of the workload and the performance of the team and individuals.

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Available languages

Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

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