PeterConnects has launched its new provisioning release!

Agile Provisioning 5.15 – which features numerous improvements, all designed to make the caller’s experience even better and provide your receptionist team a better user experience and more support.

General Provisioning Improvements

This update includes many enhancements, including:

  • New pickup section in user page. In sheet “monitoring” of a user edition, a new section containing pickup group(s) associated to the line(s) of the user is now present.
  • Implement a message broadcaster on IpPhones. You can now configure a message to be broadcasted on a list of devices.
  • Apply device template on a device. It is now possible to apply a device template on a existing device (simple and bulk).
  • Skill monitoring – add filter “agent”. A new filter “agent” has been added to the skill monitoring page.
  • Add “recorded device” and/or “recorded line” filter. A new “recorded” smart filter is now present on the device list page. It allows you to search for devices that are configured to be recorded and/or devices that should be recorded.
  • Voicemail parameters support. Three new fields are now available by default in Unity’s voicemail edition (“After greeting call action”, “Message actions voicemail”, “Message actions Relay address”)
  • Ability to import Site Variables from CSV import. It is now possible to import all site variables during the site import. The structure of the sample csv file for importing sites refreshes automatically with declared variables.

Webex Provisioning Improvements

There are also major changes for the WebEx Provisioning. Manage and Hybrid services associated to users within an organization is now possible. Session types (containing Cisco meeting features) can be assigned in bulk to xxx users. In addition, new user fields can now be displayed – including email, avatar, status and license usage. A new filter “Cisco organization” has also been added allowing you to search users across one or several organizations.

Microsoft Provisioning Improvements

Using Microsoft Provisioning, you can bulk apply Microsoft 365 templates and even apply them to existing users (simple and bulk).