We are in midst of developing the new PeterConnects Attendant X. This new version of the Attendant will be available both on-premises and in the Cloud, work on multiple devices, is location independent and offers a new user experience. The modern user interface is suitable for Cisco and Microsoft platforms.

Gradual transition to version X

To support the implementation of Attendant X, the new version will work side-by-side with the current version 9 applications. These will gradually be replaced by version X applications, as well as expanded with new functionalities.

Demo environment

Several of the new functionalities are available in a demo environment for our partners. This is an online version of the Attendant X, where you can get a sneak peek of the application. In the demo environment, you can log into an individual, anonymous demo account. All users will work in a shared demo environment; as if they are working for the same organisation. There will be regular updates to further develop the environment.

Access to the demo environment

Would you like to get access to the demo environment? Please send us an email to prerelease@peterconnects.com.


Your opinion is very important to us. Do you have any questions, ideas or suggestions in response to the demo environment? Please let us know, so we can adjust further development of the product to your preferences.