‘Receptionist for Webex Calling’ is the first Unified Communications solution designed for Cisco’s popular collaboration platform.

Maassluis, Netherlands: 02 July, 2020
PeterConnects is launching its innovative Receptionist Unified Communications (UC) solution for international software giant Cisco’s Webex Calling platform.

PeterConnects Receptionist is a powerful, state-of-the-art telephone Operator Console – a browser-based Software-as-a-Service solution that works flawlessly within Webex. Users simply log in with their Cisco Webex credentials and it’s ready to use.

Smart Features, Smooth Functionality

Managing and processing multiple incoming phone calls has never been easier.

Thanks to a range of smart features; a modern, intuitive user interface; and simple-to-use widgets, Receptionist makes answering and forwarding multiple incoming calls easier, faster, and more efficient for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Receptionist displays detailed caller information so that call handlers instantly see who’s phoning and can get a uniform view of all direct and queued calls. They can also quickly send callback reminders to colleagues and easily transfer calls via a drag-and-drop function.

Greater Context Via The Cloud

PeterConnects Receptionist also gives users access to a range of different user-friendly widgets to give each call greater context. Call handlers will be able to activate widgets that allow them to see caller contact information, contact notes, and conversation history. Other custom third party widgets and applications are supported too.

Thanks to its cloud architecture, Receptionist for Webex can be used at any location, on any web-enabled device with an internet connection. Updates and improvements are also made available automatically at regular intervals – without the need for manual installation.

Lucas de Clercq, CEO of PeterConnects, said: “We’re very happy to be stepping into the future with Cisco and helping to enrich Webex with additional features and functionality.

“From an implementation perspective this has been one of the easiest products to bring to market – principally because everything’s delivered via the Cloud; which allows users to deploy as many widgets and applications as they need, on-demand.”

The launch of Receptionist for Webex also marks the first time that PeterConnects has made a new product available both via its partner network and directly to customers via its own sales platform.

The software launched on July 2nd and is now widely available.


About PeterConnects

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