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PeterConnects Provisioning

Do you want to decrease the time your users spend managing their Unified Communications (UC) infrastructure by 85%? PeterConnects Provisioning will transform the way you manage your organization's productivity and help drive down the cost of IT admin! In less than a minute, users can be completely up and running – with their devices, lines, Jabber, mobility, voicemail, and even an agent profile in the contact center!

What is Provisioning?

PeterConnects Provisioning is a web-based application that’s suitable for any company and for every kind of user.

  • No UC knowledge needed
  • Offers unlimited profiles and access levels
  • Compatible inside Jabber
  • Works on mobile phones and tablets
  • Great for Enterprise and Public sector
  • Scalable from 50 to more than 30000 users

Provisioning is currently available for Cisco.

Provisioning Module: Easily Manage Your UC Environment

By integrating scalable development and a high level of granularity, PeterConnects Provisioning enables users to manage their daily operational processes (moves, adds, and changes) in the easiest possible way.

Add Provisioning to the tools that you are already using.

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Spend 85% Less Time On UC Infrastructure!

  • Save Time: Up to 85% of UC operational time
  • Save Money: Delegate UC management to first level IT
  • Increase Productivity: skilled employees can focus on more challenging work

Easy For End Users

A call can make or break a customer’s experience. We make it easier for you to make it a positive one – every time.

See all of the features

Global features

Build your own interface by defining every field, action, and feature. Preset all your devices in locked templates to avoid any mistakes during the creation process. Decide which devices or users you want to manage and deny access to everyone else.

Telephony features

Our different telephony features help make our customers’ jobs easier – allowing them to use the tools that best fit their needs.

Selfcare Module: More Autonomy For Employees

Our Selfcare module enables end users to perform multiple actions to customize their personal telephony environments.

Perfect For Every Organization

If you’re looking for a high-performance communications platform – which your customers will love – then take a look at what Provisioning has to offer. The benefits include:

  • Quickly create complete environments for end users
  • Experience a completely secure process based on an easy error-free template system
  • Create templates in seconds by extracting information from existing objects in your telephony environment
  • Build full workplace templates by assembling them and then using them for newcomers

PeterConnects Provisioning dramatically reduces the complexity and time taken to deploy Cisco IP phones – together with the full range of collaboration services.

When changes are needed or new people are added to your organization, it’s essential that users get up-to-speed as quickly as possible.

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