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Do you want to know via which partners can you buy Receptionist for Microsoft Teams?

Where to buy

Via our experienced partners

If you have a Microsoft partner that is handling your Microsoft Teams licenses you can contact them in order to buy PeterConnects Receptionist for Microsoft Teams.

You can find the total list of PeterConnects partners below:

The Netherlands

  • Communicativ
    Telephone:    +31 85 2100 837
    Country:         The Netherlands
  • RoutIT
    Telephone:    +31 088-4372636
    Country:         The Netherlands
  • Wortell
    Telephone:    +31 020 750 5050
    Country:         The Netherlands
  • Ask Roger!
    Telephone:    +31 088 275 7600
    Country:         The Netherlands




United Kingdom




Via PeterConnects

You can always buy Receptionist for Microsoft Teams through PeterConnects website.


Sales Support

In case you want more information about the PeterConnects Receptionist for Microsoft Teams or want to speak to one of our Sales Consultants send an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.