“With PeterConnects Receptionist, we’ve made the right choice in creating a product for SMEs who want the latest technology, an intuitive UX, and no complications.”
Gerjan Dekker, Product Manager, RoutIT

The Background
PeterConnects has been a leading force in the inbound telecommunications field for a number of years – specialising in enabling enterprise clients to streamline call management using Cisco and Microsoft platforms.

However, when it became clear from key customer RoutIT, that the small and medium enterprise (SME) market would also benefit from an integrated call handling platform, PeterConnects worked closely in partnership with them to create its Receptionist solution.

Developed specifically to integrate with the BroadSoft platform, Receptionist was the first PeterConnects application to be fully cloud-based.

The Challenge
As RoutIT´s SME customers’ methods of communication continued to evolve, the move to a more efficient and easier-to-use cloud-based system was becoming more and more prevalent. Previously, RoutIT was offering BroadSoft’s call handling interface for its customers. However, over time, this had become outdated and many of the features were no longer needed.

As a private label reseller of PeterConnects applications, RoutIT was keen to offer a new solution to its SME customers: one that could cater to the needs of businesses working across many different sectors. Therefore, product quality, dependability, and support were of paramount importance.

“If we’re selling a product under our name, we obviously have to be very confident in it. I’m a big fan of finding a good product and working solely with that partner. To have a product introduced to this market in the time frame we’ve done it in is very good.”
Gerjan Dekker, Product Manager, RoutIT

The Solution
The resulting solution was PeterConnects Receptionist: a Software-as-a-Service application that enables users to better streamline call-handling – thanks to an innovative, user-friendly interface that is easily accessed using a web browser.

The application is available in three versions:

  • PeterConnects Receptionist Essentials – basic reception for a small office environment
  • PeterConnects Receptionist Advanced – standard call management for small/medium-sized companies
  • PeterConnects Receptionist Premium – call management for any environment with large numbers of users

The interface also offers access to unique PeterConnects features, such as a predefined template with the name of the customer that has called, keyboard support, drag-and-drop and useful widgets.

PeterConnects Receptionist is part of the new generation telecoms products, with a software architecture based on Kubernetes technology.

RoutIT started working collaboratively with PeterConnects in 2018 and Receptionist was launched in June 2019.

“We are proud that with this product, organisations using RoutIT´s platforms can also experience the benefits of our communication software. Also, BroadSoft’s software will stop being supported in November 2020, so RoutIT can now offer its existing customer Receptionist as an alternative – which will help boost uptake and build a larger community for our product.”
Lucas de Clercq, CEO, PeterConnects